Come at me 2018!

Well folks, another year has come and gone and I can’t say I’m sad to see it go. When I reflect on 2017 there’s little I recall fondly. My personal life wasn’t terrible but the world as a whole was hurting and as an empath, I spent a lot of my time feeling sad on the behalf of others. I did get to experience some personal growth and challenged myself to do new and intimidating things. I did so with success. I flew across the ocean with my best friend and visited two countries on a completely different continent from my own. Beautiful England and lively Ireland. I would definitely say this trip was the highlight of my 2017. I got to meet my best online friend Emily after years and years, and we spent a few days with her at her quaint little flat in London. The culture and vibe in both London and Dublin was intoxicating, I can see why they’re such favourable tourist destinations. I can’t wait to go back, preferably with my partner in tow. He’d absolutely love Ireland, especially since so much of our ancestry originated there.

My year was filled with lessons and some I learned and some I undoubtedly missed. New year’s day was the first Full Moon of the year and it was also a super moon (at one point it had a rainbow around it). I went to my cousin’s to spend the evening reflecting on our past year together. We burned candles, incense, and smudged sage. We did a Year ahead Tarot spread each, we did tea readings, we discussed our goals moving into the new year. We made little brooms with bells and anointed the gifts we exchanged by smudging them, rubbing them with Frankincense oil, and putting them in the full super moon. She made a herb blend to burn while focusing her intent on the year ahead while I made an oil blend. Then in true “us” fashion we snuggled up in bed and laughed at memes. Here are a few photos from our night!

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Finally, my “resolutions”. I’m on day 2 of not smoking in the new year, it’s an ambitious goal but I really want to quit and I hope if I really really want to quit, that will be enough to keep me away from it.

Besides that I just wish to learn as much as possible in the new year. Be more positive, work on my skills and hobbies, and indulge in the things I enjoy.

Happy New Year everyone!


Have a Happy Canada Day!

Today is the 148th Anniversary of the 1867 Constitution Act! AKA Canada Day! (That’s a lot of d’s and a’s, phew!)
We celebrated this year the same way we always do. Woke up bright and early, found our red and white clothes, walked our butts down to the parade, and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Our kids loved getting candy, fire fighter hats, and Canada flags. Tonight we’re hoping to go to the Fireworks show but it depends if our little monster can stay awake that long 😉 Happy Canada Day, folks! Here are some pictures I loved from today! 🙂DSC_0607DSC_0584 11540896_453827091444794_6748971805734777303_n 11707637_453830854777751_4280172769118352039_n 11709579_453831314777705_1097142964353531976_n 11705220_453827281444775_8401239814992726636_n

The last few weeks have been…

Dreadfully boring. I find it really difficult to write about the goings on in my life when the goings on consist of mindlessly obsessing over The Sims 4 and eating copious amounts of Ice Cream (Hey, free ice cream for a year, it needs to get eaten some time right?), But today was eventful, well this whole week and a bit really…

A while ago Braden had this assessment for Kindergarten and that was incredibly nerve wracking for me, I think my anxiety has been at it’s peak the last few weeks just thinking about sending him off to school. BY HIMSELF. Ugh. I have never even hired a babysitter before let alone sent him off to be supervised by one man or woman who also happens to be supervising 20 some other 5 year olds. I have a hard enough time with 2 kids, I can only imagine what it is like to deal with like a zillion in one class. But I also can imagine how little individual attention he might get and that frightens me, because I’m selfish. I think he did good in the assessment but honestly, he didn’t want to talk about it. I think that was mostly because it bored him besides being allowed to play with scissors, which we never let him do before that day, now he has his own pair! He chose to tell us about the scissors and the sticker they gave him, but nothing else stood out to him, I guess.

Then there’s Chase! He has gone to a few speech assessments, hearing tests, and the hubby & I went to a program called “Little Talkers” for him. His speech has gotten progressively better and he even had a point when he was assessed that his speech had improved so much that the speech pathologist told us to get lost for 6 months. Well 6 months passed and we had to take him in for another assessment and this time he gets to go to speech therapy for 8 weeks, but she still thinks he has made amazing progress and that makes me so happy. He might actually stop talking like a cute little cave man. “Me love you Mommy!”

And finally, today. Today was a big day because Paisley had her first round of Immunizations and we decided to get two birds stoned at once and book Braden in at the same time for his booster shots before school starts. We were really nervous about Braden getting needles because he’s old enough to know what is happening but still young enough that he wouldn’t really understand how important it was to get it done. He was excited all day about his appointment because we chose not to tell him what was going to happen. The poor kid probably thought it would be like any other doctor’s visit. 😦 Once we got in there, we decided to get his done before Paisley so it wouldn’t scare him away. The nurse was really nice, and he liked her. She asked us if we wanted to get his flu shot while we were there too and of course we said yes. So that meant the poor monster was getting two needles instead of one. He sat quietly on Daddy’s lap who had to hold him in this weird ass arm lock you only ever see in wrestling, and pop. There was the first needle. Braden pouted and looked confused and scared and kept repeating “ow..ow…ow” but he didn’t cry….yet. Once he realized he was getting another needle the tears started flowing, he had a really hard time but once it was over he calmed down in my arms.

Then it was Paisley’s turn and Braden made the mistake of watching. Well when the nurse poked the needle into her leg and she cried, Braden busted out into tears again screeching “Paisleyyyyy!!! You’re hurting her!!”. It broke his little heart to see his baby sister hurting. The second needle pissed Braden off even more than his own I think. He was sobbing and whispering in my ear to tell the nurse to stop. It broke my heart that he was crying, but it warmed my heart to think at such a young age he had such strong feelings of empathy for his baby sister. He got a sticker and when we got home he was spoiled with popcorn, hot chocolate, and cuddles with Mom.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new appointment, as Chase goes in to speech therapy. I’m sure I’ll be back very soon with another update on my boring and sometimes not boring life. xo


True Patriot Love

Why am I proud to be Canadian? Because we stand unified and strong in the face of great evil. Our nation is collectively mourning the loss of just two men. only two. These men served our country and they were taken away for no other reason than being Canadian and being Soldiers. Just two men in a country that has a population of over 35 million people and still we all mourned, we all felt that this act of terrorism was not only an attack on these Soldiers, but a personal attack on each and every one of us. Our fathers, our brothers, our sons, and our neighbors. In the face of adversity, we come together and we support one another. Our nation is often mocked for being too polite, but I am damn proud that our people show empathy as a natural reaction to tragedy, we say please and we say thank you, and we hold the door open for everyone because everyone is our neighbour.

May you rest in peace Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent