Escape from Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran under Ayatollah Khomeini denied all human rights to a young woman and to her Baha’i community. She was threatened with imprisonment and execution. Today, she is an outspoken cheerleader for her adopted country. By Marlo Fieldstone | Featured image courtesy of Kristen| Updated April 21, 2020 Fariba (all names changed to protect family members… More

The Van Attack: One Year Later

A year ago, I witnessed one of Toronto’s greatest tragedies, an event that altered my view of the world. This is what I saw. By Victoria Silman | Featured images courtesy of Victoria Silman | April 23, 2019 One year ago, the unfathomable hatred of a lonely man changed my life. For as long as… More

The Counterfeit Clothing Wars

When fast fashion companies copy independently-made designs, Toronto’s independent artists find that fighting back is rarely an easy battle to win. By Olivia Quenneville | Featured image courtesy of Pexels | April 17, 2019 During the last week of November 2018, Khloe Kardashian’s clothing brand, Good American, released a holiday collection that included a black… More