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Escape from Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran under Ayatollah Khomeini denied all human rights to a young woman and to her Baha’i community. She was threatened with imprisonment and execution. Today, she is an outspoken cheerleader for her adopted country.… More

A Hero Among Us

Retired psychotherapist Louisa Lai continues to help those in need. By Julia Vaiano | Featured image courtesy of Orna Watchman via Pixabay | Updated April 21, 2020  Her buzzing iPhone stirs 68-year-old Louisa Lai, a… More

Under the Roof of Africa

How a Whitby woman is helping a community 12,000 km away. By Charlotte MacDowell | Featured image courtesy of Pixabay | Updated April 21, 2020 Louise Berube’s gentle nature is contrasted by her platinum blonde… More

Reading the Tarot

What was supposed to be a fun evening involving tarot cards surprisingly leads to some interesting insights. By Shannon Attard | Featured image courtesy of Alina Vilchenko via Pexels | Updated April 20, 2020 Last… More

Women Reinventing Ink

AN ALL-FEMALE TORONTO TATTOO SHOP IS HELPING TO COUNTERBALANCE AN INDUSTRY THAT HAS TRADITIONALLY BEEN MALE DOMINATED. By Alexa Gregoris | Featured image courtesy of Adrian Boustead via Pexels | Updated April 20, 2020 Behind… More

Bar Bills: the Other Victims of York’s Recent Strike

Picketing may have ended, but the effects of the recent labour disruption are still impacting businesses across campus. By Ethan Saks | Featured image courtesy of Pixabay | April 21, 2019 Dust hangs in the… More

How to Save a Marsh

With Canada’s wetlands disappearing at an alarming rate, the fight to save the Rattray Marsh became even more important. By John Wilson | Featured photo courtesy of David Dibert from Pexels | April 19, 2019… More

Selling Sex for Degrees

SOME TORONTO FEMALE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS TURN TO ESCORTING TO PAY FOR THEIR EDUCATION. By Anastasiya Ivanova | Featured image courtesy of Pixabay | Updated January 7, 2020 On a March afternoon, Rosie* greets a 35-… More

The Real Witches of Toronto

As a professor at OCAD, the founder of Toronto’s first pagan festival, and a witch, Monica Bodirsky is anything but the average Torontonian. By Shahroze Rauf | Featured photo courtesy of Shahroze Rauf | April… More