Biting the bullet

Since the last time I updated this blog so much has happened. As far as my ADHD goes, it’s been extremely tough, to say the least. I have been struggling to manage it on my own, all my apps and resources slowly began to go unused, I sold my FitBit, and I sank into a […]

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I wrote up a new article on Chatty Katie! I debated posting it here instead but in the name of organization I went ahead and put it where it belongs and shared it here instead. Hope this helps anyone else struggling with ADHD and debating going on medication!

The Scribbler lives!

So it’s been a hot minute since I’ve really updated my blog, minus a few random ramblings here and there and if I’m being honest, I really miss blogging! I’ve had a pretty crazy year so far and I have so much to fill everyone in on but I’m going to do it in bits and pieces because it’s going to take some time. Off the top of my head I can tell you I went to Europe, my kids are growing and doing all kinds of cool and funny shit, I went back on medication for my ADHD for the first time since I was like 17-18, I was diagnosed with a gross thing called Endometriosis, I mean this year has been something else!

The most important thing is I’m back and I renewed my domain with a new fresh name! I was going by The Super Scribbler under the domain because was unavailable back then. LOW AND BEHOLD! It’s available now, I snagged it, it’s miiiiine.

*Cuts Ribbon*

Welcome to the new and improved blog, hold onto your panties ya’ll, I’m back!



I won’t go into vivid detail about all the times I have been sexually assaulted, harassed, objectified, sexualized, or degraded by men and women from the time I was a small child. I will say it happened and it happened to me so many times, in so many forms, sometimes I didn’t even recognize it as harassment or assault until I was old enough to understand.

I had been visiting my cousin last night and for some reason or another we had a really deep discussion about the things we’ve gone through. It was a really heavy conversation that left us both feeling really exposed and icky but it was a conversation we both really needed to have. When I woke up this morning and saw the #metoo hashtag trending, I felt like the universe was trying to give me a sign in some way. I rarely ever discuss what happened to me with anyone.

I was shaken to my core as I scrolled through my Facebook feed and saw a sea of women I love and respect posting: “me too”, “me too”, “me too”. It really put into perspective for me how many of us have experienced this and never told each other, or how many of us were silently carrying this burden and just trying to hold our heads high. I guess that was the whole concept of the hashtag. My heart is with all the women sharing this tag. I see you.


Handy ADHD Apps, Products,Websites, and General Resources

Chatty Katie

I promised a list of apps and resources that I use, to help you become better at managing your time and commitments, and I dropped the ball. Did you expect anything less from a girl with ADHD? I decided to finish it up today and noticed it hadn’t been modified in 18 days, I was like “Wow… has it really been that long? Oops.” So, with that said, I am only including apps and resources I personally have tried because I wouldn’t want to recommend anything that will waste your time! Besides Calendars, I will be excluding the apps previously mentioned in my last blog posts because I felt that would be redundant. Here we gooooooo!


#1 on the list is 30/30 which can be found on the App Store! It’s an iOS app which I believe is available on Android as well but isn’t quite the same on…

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How I Manage My Time

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Time management is something I have struggled with most of my life, you know, from the time I was responsible for managing my own time. I’ve missed deadlines, missed the school bus, missed appointments, missed meetings, and I’ve been late for literally all of those things and more on countless occasions. I’ve found myself grounded for missing curfew, I was kicked out of a co-op program because I forgot I was supposed to be there for a meeting that day, I’ve almost been late picking my 5 year old up at school because I lost track of time… It’s tough. It’s something I will always have to strictly manage because it does not come to me naturally.
Recently one of my Instagram followers asked me if I had any tips for time management because they were always late for school and I shared with them what I personally do to…

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Before My Diagnosis

Basically this blog is going to highlight where it all began. No, this isn’t the story of my conception or birth, it’s the story of how I ended up with an ADHD predominantly inattentive…

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Facebook Break

I’ll be taking another hiatus from the book of faces for a week or more. The weather has been so gorgeous and warm and I just need to make the most of it. We only have one life to live, I can’t spend the most gorgeous days on this Earth glued to my Facebook feed. Unfortunately, ADHD is both a gift and a curse and in the case of hyperfocus and Internet addiction, it’s truly a curse. I’ll still be around but I’m limiting my internet time a great deal. I’ll be on Instagram a lot, that’s kind of my stomping grounds. I recently started a side account for my ADHD posts since I didn’t want to burden my regular followers with an over abundance of posts they can’t relate to. So you can find me on my regular one or on my new one I’m also Chrasen on Twitter 😊