No-Sew DIY Yoga Mat Bag! (Repurpose your old pants!)

So I had this really great pair of pants that I bought for yoga back in January. I loved the pattern on these pants but even back then they were snug and getting a little bit of chub rub on the inner thighs, fraying the stitches. Eventually they ripped in a very embarrassing fashion. (Right up the butt crack as I was bending over). I couldn’t bring myself to toss them because I love the pattern and I am ridiculously frugal. So I kept them and toyed around with ideas of what I could do with them. I considered turning them into cushions, which probably would have worked just fine, but eventually I came to the decision to turn them into a bag for my yoga mat. I wanted to sew them for a more clean, professional look, but my son stepped on the peddle of my sewing machine just as I was adjusting the thread and with that, it became a no-sew project because I didn’t have the patience to fix the hot mess that was the thread on my sewing machine. I wish I had taken pictures of my progress but I wasn’t sure how they would turn out and honestly I was crunched for time with three kids running about.

Here are the lovely pants:
Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.38.00 AMScreen Shot 2015-07-12 at 10.04.42 AM
So, moving on to the actual project! Here is what you will need:
– An old pair of pants, preferably something with elastic waistband and ankle.
– Scissors

1. I started by putting my yoga mat in one leg and cutting that leg off with a little bit of extra fabric at the top.
2. Then I cut the other leg off at the same spot.
3. After I had both legs removed, I cut a strip of fabric from around the waistband.
4. Then snipped that fabric to make a looooong strip of fabric.
5. I turned my yogamat leg inside out and put the yoga mat back inside to make sure I tied the bottom off at the right spot, and then I did just that.
6. I took the looooong strip of fabric, bunched up the bottom of the leg and tied it shut. I double knotted, wrapped, double knotted, wrapped, and continued this step until I didn’t have enough fabric to tie it again. Once you’re done that step, turn it right side out and put your yoga mat back inside.
7. Then I took the second leg and cut all along the seam, opening it up. Then I cut it into four long strips. (be careful not to cut it horizontally, cut UP the leg, from ankle to thigh).
8. I tied one strip around the mat and stuck two fingers in there to make sure it wasn’t too tight around the mat, you want to me able to fit your mat inside!
9. I double knotted and made sure it was secured and then tied another strip onto the free end of that strip. Make sure it’s secured tightly with knots.
10. Then I tied that loose end onto the WAISTBAND (which will become shoulder support!).
11. Next I moved to the other end of the mat and did the same thing with my two remaining strips, creating a strap for my bag.

Voila! C’est magnifique!

If you prefer to sew, you can sew the bottom shut, and sew the straps together rather than tying and knotting, which might provide a more secure strap, but I was happy with the DIY look of mine without sewing!

Yoga is for anyBODY

Another yoga post, shocker! That seems to be all I’ve been doing lately but honestly, I feel SO good! I have been practicing every single day. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and for once I am forming a very healthy and beneficial habit. One amazing thing I have discovered about yoga is that there is no discrimination. Yoga is for every body. Big, small, short, tall, broken, or built. I am overweight, I know a lot of people don’t consider me overweight but I am according to my BMI and besides that, I FEEL overweight. But when I do yoga, I feel healthy, and I feel as light as air. It has restored a confidence in me that I wasn’t sure I’d ever see again. I follow a lot of Yogis on Instagram and my favourite tag is #curvyyoga because they are slaying! They are breaking down the boundaries and preconceived ideas of fitness that society has placed on us, I’m honoured to become a part of that. If you have thought about yoga, but talked yourself out of it because you think it’s not for you or your body type, I urge you to check out that hashtag.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 9.38.52 AMScreen Shot 2015-07-08 at 9.38.41 AM

Bittersweet Sundays

I think Sunday is both my favourite and my least favourite day of the week. I find something really peaceful about Sundays, like mellowing out after a chaotic week, the calm before the storm; Mondays. However, it’s my least favourite because there’s always that cloud looming overhead reminding me that hubby has to head back to work the next morning, that our week has to start all over, that Sunday will be over when we awaken. Today we took the kids outside and Hubby practiced some Yoga in the backyard with me, we replanted a bush that was growing up on our siding, and then we all hopped in the car and went out for lunch and Ice Cream. It was awesome, sunny, and we had three happy little children. When we got home I did a bit more Yoga outside with my youngest son playing nearby and then went inside and did some more in my bedroom. It was one of those days where I took advantage of the nice weather and free time. Hopefully we can manage a trip to the beach in the next few weeks before Hubby has to go away for a few weeks for training. 😦

Hope you all took full advantage of your Sunday and made it a Sunday Funday. In fact, I hope you are trying your best to make every day a funday. It’s what you make of it.


When in doubt, bath it out.

Woah look! I’m still here. I’ve been very preoccupied with my current escapades, as usual. I am one of those people who changes hobbies more than I shower. In the blink of an eye I could go from hardcore knitting queen to a spanish speaking artist to sitting at a desk sewing clothing designs. I always seek to develop new interests, things that make me happy and there is nothing wrong with that! I find as I get older I care less about what people think of me and more about just doing what I love and it turns out that I really love a lot of things. I feel like I have learned and retained so much more since I was 18 than I ever did in School (Probably not but that’s certainly how it seems.)

So anyway, I’ve been really enjoying painting (still) and that’s where my attention has been for the last little while. But I actually wanted to talk about things that make me calm, my happy place. I love sitting in my bedroom (when it’s clean, that’s the best lol) and painting on a nice fresh canvas. The best times are when my husband is laying in bed on his laptop. Even though we’re not talking, his presence is comforting. Then when I finish up for the night, I love to hop into a hot bath with some epsom salts or a bath bomb and wash the paint from my nails. I feel like acrylic paint never completely comes off but somehow I love that. It makes me feel artsy. While I’m bathing I love to close my eyes and meditate. Sometimes I like to day dream and imagine myself and my kids in some beautiful place far from here, with gorgeous mountains and a light breeze, it’s pretty cheesy to be honest but that.. that is my happy place and I try to go there as often as possible to keep myself stress free and happy! What is your happy place?
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