The Scribbler lives!

So it’s been a hot minute since I’ve really updated my blog, minus a few random ramblings here and there and if I’m being honest, I really miss blogging! I’ve had a pretty crazy year so far and I have so much to fill everyone in on but I’m going to do it in bits and pieces because it’s going to take some time. Off the top of my head I can tell you I went to Europe, my kids are growing and doing all kinds of cool and funny shit, I went back on medication for my ADHD for the first time since I was like 17-18, I was diagnosed with a gross thing called Endometriosis, I mean this year has been something else!

The most important thing is I’m back and I renewed my domain with a new fresh name! I was going by The Super Scribbler under the domain because was unavailable back then. LOW AND BEHOLD! It’s available now, I snagged it, it’s miiiiine.

*Cuts Ribbon*

Welcome to the new and improved blog, hold onto your panties ya’ll, I’m back!

True Patriot Love

Why am I proud to be Canadian? Because we stand unified and strong in the face of great evil. Our nation is collectively mourning the loss of just two men. only two. These men served our country and they were taken away for no other reason than being Canadian and being Soldiers. Just two men in a country that has a population of over 35 million people and still we all mourned, we all felt that this act of terrorism was not only an attack on these Soldiers, but a personal attack on each and every one of us. Our fathers, our brothers, our sons, and our neighbors. In the face of adversity, we come together and we support one another. Our nation is often mocked for being too polite, but I am damn proud that our people show empathy as a natural reaction to tragedy, we say please and we say thank you, and we hold the door open for everyone because everyone is our neighbour.

May you rest in peace Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent