The Scribbler lives!

So it’s been a hot minute since I’ve really updated my blog, minus a few random ramblings here and there and if I’m being honest, I really miss blogging! I’ve had a pretty crazy year so far and I have so much to fill everyone in on but I’m going to do it in bits and pieces because it’s going to take some time. Off the top of my head I can tell you I went to Europe, my kids are growing and doing all kinds of cool and funny shit, I went back on medication for my ADHD for the first time since I was like 17-18, I was diagnosed with a gross thing called Endometriosis, I mean this year has been something else!

The most important thing is I’m back and I renewed my domain with a new fresh name! I was going by The Super Scribbler under the domain because was unavailable back then. LOW AND BEHOLD! It’s available now, I snagged it, it’s miiiiine.

*Cuts Ribbon*

Welcome to the new and improved blog, hold onto your panties ya’ll, I’m back!

Changes on The Horizon

I’ve taken a position on the forum I’ve worked for since 2013 which will be pretty time consuming but I am looking forward to helping the site progress. I know not everyone in the community will be pleased about the decision to promote me but in terms of longevity and experience I was the most reasonable option and I certainly wasn’t going to reject the opportunity to help. I look at this site like my baby and they say it takes a village to raise a child, so I am hoping I will have enough support from my staff team and the community that we can make a big difference! Though, I’m hoping my best friend who has been working for the site since 2014, will be promoted to the same position eventually/someday too. I feel like as a team we are much more motivated, effective, and have the ability to get things done FASTER, since we’d be sharing the workload.

Aside from those changes I’ve challenged myself to do more reading, writing, and art. Just things that are mentally stimulating and gratifying for me. So I’ve read two books and am halfway through my third, since January 6th. I’ve started writing some fanfiction because why not, and I’ve been messing around with Adobe Illustrator on my ipad! It’s going to be a really long Winter so doing these things is really keeping me sane.

They say your frontal lobe isn’t fully developed until you’re 25 and guess what? I’m going to be 25 in March! Happy Birthday (and fully developed frontal lobe!) to me! I’m low-key hoping Hubby buys me a new kindle since the one I have doesn’t have a built in light, making night time reading impossible.

Have a good Monday folks! 🙂