DIY: Pressed Leaf Clay Bowls

Another fun activity I did over the weekend, it was a first time experience for me but I will definitely be working with clay moving forward! I bought Natural Modelling Clay at the dollar store, two bricks for $1.50 each. This was MORE than enough, I brought both bricks to my best friend’s and we were both able to make tons of fun creations and still had almost an entire brick left over. She made a really nice Moon Phase chime and a teepee incense burner, I made my leaf bowl, an Awen pendant, and a tiny skull for shits and giggles.


You can make literally whatever you want, but here is how I made the leaf bowl!

What you need:
– Natural Modelling Clay
– A sizeable leaf to press
– A knife
– Plastic Wrap
– A bowl
– Acrylic Paint
– A rolling pin (Or wine bottle)

Step One:
– Knead your clay until it’s soft and pallable
– Roll it out flat until it’s your desired thickness
– Take your leaf and press it down onto your clay
– Run over it with the rolling pin until it’s definitely imprinted on the clay
– Gently peel your leaf off your clay
– Using your knife, cut out the outside shape of the leaf like the image below

Step Two:
– Gently lift your clay leaf off the surface, be careful not to smush it!
– Place plastic wrap in a bowl and then place the clay leaf in the bowl so the leaf has a rounded bowl shape as shown below


Step Three:
– Allow 24hours for your clay creations to dry and harden

Step Four:
– Paint! You can paint these however you like, I do not recommend using water in your paints as it could cause the clay to smudge
– You may choose to use a clear coat, you can use Krylon clear coat spray or even clear nail varnish. This is completely optional.

Step Five:
– Enjoy your new creation, use it for holding herbs, jewellery, or stack them up by size for a decorative piece!

Pumpkin Paisley’s 1st Halloween & other gibberish!

As you may guess from the title, our little Paisley was a pumpkin for her first Halloween. A jack-o-lantern to be specific! We couldn’t really find any costumes her size and since she couldn’t trick or treat anyway, the costume was mainly for photographic purposes. My brother’s little guy had this little pumpkin suit before us and it was passed on to us when we found out we were having another baby. Luckily it was just her size! We had gotten this little flower clip that says “My 1st Halloween” as a gift from my Mother before she was born, so I attached it to a black headband and plopped that on her head, drew a little black triangle on her nose, and voila! The boys were Ninja Turtles of course and they received so many compliments on their awesome costumes. They had such a blast trick-or-treating! 🙂 So here are the pictures we took of our beautiful babies on Halloween.

paishallow paishallo210754925_365323113631573_421149960_n

Halloween with the Blair Family (and the tiniest effing pumpkins you ever saw)!

In this town, we call home, everyone hail to the pumpkin song! Halloween is upon us, beasts and ghouls. It’s one of my absolute favourite Holidays. In addition to the beautiful orange, brown, and yellow bursts of colour that we get to see every day during Autumn, we also see homes sprinkled with Halloween decorations the entire month of October. Pumpkins piled up on lawns and doorsteps, some emitting an eerie glow through the eyes we so carefully carved out for them. Fake graves bursting from the ground, and spider webs sprawled over doorways making us squeamish about passing beneath them. Children get to dress up in costumes of every variety, whether that be scary, pretty, silly, or what have you; then knock on strangers’ doors and demand candy. Then with their bags at full capacity, they head home to dump it out and fill their faces until their tummies hurt.

Yep, Halloween is pretty wonderful for a million and one reasons. This year Braden and Chase were back and forth about what they wanted to dress up as. I’ve heard everything from Zombies or Angry Birds, to Ninja Turtles or Pea-Shooters. Ultimately they settled on Ninja Turtles! I couldn’t be more proud (and nostlagic) of that choice. We seemed to be late to the costume buying party because there were only a few Ninja Turtle costumes available at target and the ones they had were too big, but we bought them anyway. Braden ended up with Michael Angelo and Chase will be going as Donatello. In this lovely photo instead of saying “Cheese” they yelled “Pizza!”.

I haven’t decided what I will dress Paisley or myself up as, and yes… I will be dressing myself up too. It’s pretty near impossible to find baby sized costumes for her though so I am thinking I’ll just put her in her tutu or this little pumpkin shirt she has. It’s not like she can really trick-or-treat anyway, you know, being an infant and all.

This was also the very first time we ever carved pumpkins! We went to this really great local place called The Country Pumpkin and let the boys pick out their own. Daniel and I had dreams of a large pumpkin carved to perfection but those dreams were crushed when the boys picked out the smallest effing pumpkins I have ever seen in my life. So I will end this entry with some photos of the tiniest effing pumpkins you ever saw.

Note the toddler sized hand next to them for size comparison.