Bittersweet Sundays

I think Sunday is both my favourite and my least favourite day of the week. I find something really peaceful about Sundays, like mellowing out after a chaotic week, the calm before the storm; Mondays. However, it’s my least favourite because there’s always that cloud looming overhead reminding me that hubby has to head back to work the next morning, that our week has to start all over, that Sunday will be over when we awaken. Today we took the kids outside and Hubby practiced some Yoga in the backyard with me, we replanted a bush that was growing up on our siding, and then we all hopped in the car and went out for lunch and Ice Cream. It was awesome, sunny, and we had three happy little children. When we got home I did a bit more Yoga outside with my youngest son playing nearby and then went inside and did some more in my bedroom. It was one of those days where I took advantage of the nice weather and free time. Hopefully we can manage a trip to the beach in the next few weeks before Hubby has to go away for a few weeks for training. 😦

Hope you all took full advantage of your Sunday and made it a Sunday Funday. In fact, I hope you are trying your best to make every day a funday. It’s what you make of it.


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