Being Free

For a long time I thought that having children meant saying goodbye to your social life. I thought that was a sacrifice all good Moms made. I think I convinced myself of that because I was slowly submitting to my social anxiety and I wanted to justify it. However, using your children as an excuse for your lack of a social life is, in my opinion, synonymous with blaming them. My kids if anything, made me capable of being a better friend to someone. They taught me to be patient and embrace my silly side. They’ve taught me to be myself and love myself, I try every day to see myself through their eyes. It’s not always easy, but on the days that I do, I love myself beyond words. I discovered I connect better with other Moms because they understand how my life is prioritized. But now I am allowing myself to make friends without feeling guilty about it, I owe it to myself and to my children to be happy, because how can they learn to love themselves if they are raised by someone who can’t love herself? If you’re like I was and you find yourself with no friends, free yourself. Go out. Make friends. Even if it betrays your comfort, you will thank me.

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