When you visit our home..

When you open up the door to our home, you’ll likely have to give a little extra shove to get it open. That’s because the doorway is a plethora of shoes for every season, just kicked off in a hurry as we got home. After being away all day or for the night, nothing feels better than coming home.

Once you step inside, if you look straight ahead there’s a wall with a painted picture on a slab of wood that says “Home Sweet Home” with a little red cottage on it, and a sweet home it truly is. To your left you’ll see a fairly vacant hallway, vacant aside from the little white and green potty that sits directly across from the bathroom. We’re potty training a toddler, so forgive us if it seems a little bit of an odd place for a potty. Down that hall you will also find three bedrooms. The boys’, The nursery, and ours. This is where we sleep, it is comfort epitomized. You may stumble upon the bathroom on your hallway travels as well. It’s very small, very cramped, but it’s ours. Home to countless bubble baths filled with shriekingly happy children, or exhausted Mom, or Dad, who just got in from a run.

If you backtrack down the hall you will find yourself in an open concept dining room and living room, with a kitchen barely separated. You might trip over a toy or two as you enter into our living space. Where countless hours are spent playing with toys, watching cartoons, playing video games, rocking babies, writing blogs, and laughing with one another. In the dining room you will probably trip over toys too! This is where we sit at the table and fill our bellies with the food that provides us energy for our days of play. In the kitchen, you will almost definitely see a counter absolutely riddled with empty coffee cups. You’d think that’s because we need the caffeine to cope with the chaos that is our life, but actually I think we just thoroughly enjoy a good cup of Coffee from Tim Horton’s. The sink is probably full of dishes because frankly, we’d rather spend time with each other, doing things that make us happy, then sit miserable over a sink washing dishes. Though eventually my husband will give in and do them about once a day. If you try make your way from the kitchen to the basement, I will stop you. That’s the point of no return. If you go down there, you may get lost and never find your way back!

If you visit us, and you tour our home. You might judge by the shoes barricading the door, or the potty in the hall, or the toys scattered carelessly around the house, or the coffee cups sprinkled about the kitchen. You might think we are lazy and don’t bother to tidy up after our children. But our home is lived in. We have three children and to them, to us, this is our nest, our sanctuary, and we adore it.

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