Let’s go to the mall!

Alright, I should start by explaining why at 23 years old I am even dressing up for Halloween. Besides that fact that it’s just copious amounts of fun, I am an active member of a forum that is currently having a Halloween Costume Contest. I needed an entry for it, so here it is! I am… wait for it… ROBIN SPARKLES. For all you HIMYM fans out there, bask in my Canadian glory. I couldn’t get it perfect because I didn’t have a picture to reference when I got to the thrift store. I ended up spending around $35 for the whole outfit.

comparisonThis is probably the easiest costume I have ever done, but in case you want to know what I used, here is the list:

♥ Jean Jacket
♥ Jean Skirt
♥ White T-Shirt
♥ Red/Burgundy Waist Belt
♥ Bulky Bangles/Bracelets
♥ Bulky beads/Chains/Necklace
♥ Black leggings
♥ White frilled socks
♥ Black dress shoes
♥ Pink/red scrunchie/bow
♥ Curl your hair!

Enjoy this super Canadian gif and video:

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