I’m pregnant!

19 weeks
Okay,  this is old news but I realized today I hadn’t written anything about it here. (Not that I ever write anything here, right?)
Back in November 2013 my husband and I decided when he got home from the field we were ready to start trying for baby #3, the final addition to the Blair Clan. The first day of my LMP (Last Menstrual Period) was November 12, 2013 and so I knew I would be ovulating around November 24th-26th. My husband came home November 23rd and we didn’t waste any time 😉 On December 12, 2013 my husband wanted to have a few drinks, but I hadn’t gotten my period yet and we didn’t want to risk it. Even though we expected it to come any time since it wasn’t even technically late yet, we decided to take a pregnancy test to be sure. It was positive pretty much instantly but I waited the 3 minutes or so instructed before flying like a ninja into the kitchen, screaming and flailing that it was positive!

The important details:
Due Date – August 19th, 2014
First Ultrasound – April 8th, 2014
Gender – TBA

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