Pregnancy and Delivery (Chase)

Braden was only 9 months old when we found out that we were pregnant again and we were actually so excited. I had been secretly hoping we would have a little partner in crime for Braden very soon and finding out we were going to have another baby was f*cking awesome! This pregnancy took a much worse toll on my body, however. I was having severe pelvic pain the entire 9 months which made simple tasks like walking and rolling over in bed extremely painful, even before I had a belly. On top of the pelvic pain, I was extremely sick and instead of gaining weight as my pregnancy went on, I just kept dropping pounds. I was extremely pale, frail, sick, sore, and never had any energy. When I was in my third trimester my iron was extremely low and somehow this caused my blood pressure to drop extremely low resulting in a seizure right in the OBGYN’s waiting room, in my Mother’s arms. After all the trauma I went through during my pregnancy with the little guy, I had a really hard time being happy about him. At the time I wasn’t really aware of PPD and I felt like there was something wrong with me. I felt guilty that this pregnancy didn’t excite me anymore. I got some maternity pictures done by my awesome brother and that sort of helped me feel closer to the baby:

Also there’s this one of my cousin and I, I am the one who appears to be tall, but she’s actually just very shortImage

Yes, we have houses on our bellies. I don’t know who the hell’s bright idea that was but I ain’t even mad.:
But anyway. The pictures made me feel a bit more excited. Although I was still struggling with the idea of having two kids, the guilt, the pain, the bad health. I ended up going into labor a few days before my due date and this one was a lot harder and a lot faster than it was with my oldest, Braden.

Again, I had fetinol and laughing gas. I was offered the epidural but I was dilating so quickly that I decided for some reason that is beyond me, to opt out. Once they broke my water the doctor looked very alarmed and told me there was some meconium in his amniotic fluid (which is the technical way of saying he uh.. pooped in my womb). So this was a big deal, this meant they would need to suction his mouth, nose, lungs BEFORE I pushed him completely out enough to take his first breath of oxygen. Otherwise he would inhale his poop and get very sick and possibly develop a lung infection or in severe cases, DIE. So in the middle of pushing a gigantic watermelon out of my hooha, I had to stop.. he was crowning and I had to sit there with a head in my vag while they took their time suctioning out his little nose and mouth. But once they finished I delivered him quickly and got to finally hold him. I was very tired emotionally, mentally, and physically after the entire ordeal but I was so happy to hold him in my arms.


But the entire thing left me looking like this lol:
ImageBut who cares when your baby looks this cute!

Image I had to stay in the hospital a bit longer than I wanted because I was bleeding too much and they needed me on an IV and the delivery had destroyed the muscles in my vag so badly that I couldn’t stand without pissing myself BUT I was alive and so was he and that made me happy. I’ve had some issues since then, like fainting and a mini stroke immediately after I got home with him, and I lost insane amounts of weight during and after pregnancy. In fact at 9 months pregnant I hadn’t gained a single pound since pre-pregnancy, I had lost 15lbs instead. But these days I am feeling hella better, and hella fatter.

Chase was born November 22, 2011 at 8:15PM, he weighed 7lb 15oz and my labor was only 2 and a half hours with him! Get ‘er doneeee!

Here’s him these days!:

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy and Delivery (Chase)

  1. What an adorable chunk! You had a rough experience, but I’m glad everything was okay. I had my son a few days before I turned 21. Gave birth naturally at the hospital. But then I got pregnant with my daughter only 3 months later, and while I was 20 weeks pregnant with her, I was diagnosed with PPD from my son (then 8 months PP). It was extremely difficult and scary. I didn’t feel connected to my 2nd pregnancy at all. I opted to have a home birth because I didn’t like my hospital experience, even though everything was fine. I wanted more control.. 2 days after my due date, I labored at home, and around town. I walked a bunch, and ate whatever I wanted. My contractions didn’t regulate, so long story short, my husband and I delivered her ourselves on our couch without the midwife because we didn’t have time to call her. Things moved way too fast. My total active labor was probably 5 hours. I’m following your blog because you and I can prob keep each other some company. And you’ll occasionally catch my kiddos on my blog, too. Happy birthday to your little man!


    1. Oh my god! I couldn’t even imagine having my husband assist me in delivering a child. He nearly passed out during both my labors lol What an insane experience that had to be, but also a cool story to tell her when she’s older! I’ll definitely follow you and thanks for the early birthday wishes! xx


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