Pregnancy and Delivery (Braden)

I was 18 years old when I discovered I was pregnant with my oldest son Braden. I was absolutely moritified. I didn’t know how I was going to be a Mom when I could barely care for myself, but I had to prepare myself as best I could. In the beginning I had a lot of back pain, cramps, nausea, and headaches. I had gotten a job and that was absolutely unbearable after a few weeks, I had to puke every five effing minutes and my head was going to blow up! So I ended up giving my notice and not getting enough hours for Maternity leave. I was a saddd panda. Aside from the normal pregnancy issues above, I actually had a great pregnancy and before long I got a little belly like this one of me at 27 weeks!

 I know, I was adorable. I wouldn’t show my face in pregnancy photos because I felt yucky and washed out. In hindsight I was a lot cuter then, than I am now. I was a super grouch though, see?


 So then I was 9 months preggers and I was soooo tired of being pregnant. I just wanted it to be done with so I could meet my little squish and finally be a Mommy. I was exactly 9 months pregnant when I asked my OBGYN to do a membrane sweep and if we could schedule an induction so that my husband who is in the military (and was going to the field in a few days) could be there when his son was born. The doctor was a dick. I shit you not, he was horrible to me and to my Mother who was at my appointment with me. First he told my Mother to stop talking and to let me speak for myself. I was angry as hell because that woman does so much for me and she knows I am socially awkward so I ASKED her to speak for me. When I told him this he smirked and then proceeded to tell me that he would not schedule an induction because he doesn’t “bow down” to the military. I was so disgusted not only with that statement, but with his unprofessional-ism. Then he decides to give me my membrane sweep afterall and let all his anger out ON MY VAGINA. He was extremely rough with me and it was painful enough that I was reduced to tears. I had a membrane sweep weeks before, so I knew that wasn’t how it was supposed to feel. I left feeling angry, sore, and very, very, pregnant and emotional. After that we went to visit my husband’s brother and I was having such bad back pains I told my husband we needed to go home. Soooo we did. While we were at home I was still having pain for hours before we finally decided to go to the hospital. I was in pretty bad pain by the time we arrived but the nurse really didn’t take me all that seriously. She took me up to labour and delivery and monitored the baby’s heartbeat for a while before she just decided I needed to go home. I started crying and told her I knew for sure I was in labour and I was scared to go home. She basically said “You could be pregnant for another 2 weeks for all we know, this is probably braxton hicks contractions, we need the beds for women who are actually in labour”. So again I went home feeling disappointed. The pain hadn’t subsided but we decided to stop and get some McDonald’s because we’re fat like that. I swear while I was at home finishing up my deep fried lard I got sooo sick that I ran to the bathroom and told hubby I needed a bath. I was laying in the tub when the contractions hit full force and there was yucky goopy blood coming out of me which I decided meant I lost my mucous plug. I couldn’t move, all I could do was moan and cry until finally my husband came to check on me. I told him to call my Mother immediately and I needed to go back to the hospital. Then I locked myself in the bathroom and laid on the floor naked while my body felt like it was being slowly crushed lol. By the time my parents arrived I could barely move. They helped me down to the jeep and we were on our way. This was less than two hours after the nurse originally sent me home, so she was still working and I made sure to give her my dirtiest look as I was wheeled by moaning in my wheelchair lol. Once I was in there I immediately asked for drugs so once they had the go ahead they gave me fetinol, which didn’t lessen the pain but it took the edge off. I was begging for the epidural but since the anesthesiologist was busy with patients in surgery they told me it wasn’t a possibility. My labor blew by hard and fast and before I knew it they were telling me to push. From beginning to end my labour and delivery was 3 and a half hours and it resulted in this grumpy little old man.

Image Overall, my pregnancy and labour with Braden was a dream come true compared to some horror stories I’ve heard and I left there wondering how long before I wanted to do it all over again.

Braden was born May. 29th at 4:10AM and he weighed a healthy 7lbs 12oz.

Here are some cute pictures of him then and now!

Image Annnnd now!


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